Pioneering the treatment of
fluid overload and oedema

Renephra are currently open for funding and have a £70k EIS investment opportunity for private investors.
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Renephra Ltd is a medical device company developing a groundbreaking Transdermal Fluid Removal (TFR) technology for minimally invasive fluid removal.

We are targeting the significant problems of fluid overload and chronic oedema / lymphoedema in vascular, oncology and other disease areas.

This is a substantial patient group with unmet clinical needs and is an estimated £1billion market worldwide.

Having achieved proof of concept in humans, Renephra is raising £300k to conduct device development study and design feasibility.

Recent News

March 2018 | EIS Investment Opportunity for Private Investors

We now have a £70k EIS investment opportunity for private investors, following an investment of £231k supported by our lead investors Deepbridge Capital and Catapult Ventures to bring us up to £300k. The minimum investment sought is £70k with an overfunding up to £330k. Find out more...

February 2018 | New Investment

Renephra has received investment from Deepbridge Capital, Catapult Ventures, and private investors.

Deepbridge Capital
GMC Life Sciences Fund
Catapult Ventures

December 2017 | Innovate UK

Renephra has been awarded a £90k Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility Studies award.

Innovate UK

December 2017 | British Heart Foundation Translational Award

Our Transdermal Fluid Removal development study has received funding support from the British Heart Foundation

June 2015 | MedTech Strategist

Start-Ups to Watch: “Renephra. Home-Based Fluid Removal for Fluid Overload and Chronic Edema.” by Mary Stuart.


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